Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wow, has it really been that long since I have published?

Life can take its twists and turns, ups and downs, and sideways even.  Gene and I have been in Colorado for some time now.  As of this last March, it has been two years for Gene and this July it will be two years for me.  I  have made some great friends, but I still miss my family.  Gene and I have no children living with us now and so we are now empty-nesters.  I am loving it! Yes, girls I do miss you!  In February, Gene and I went to watch Whitney run in Indiana; it was so much fun.  We went for the blessing of my beautiful granddaughter, Emarie.  She is so adorable and has the longest eyelashes. 

Last December, we had a great surprise from Sarah and her two children, Bridger and Kenna.  The Thursday after Christmas, my doorbell rang at 10:30 at night.  My immediate thoughts were, "Wow, UPS, is working late."  Dani opened the door and I came to see who was there and of course my eyes started leaking immediately as I hugged and loved my grand-kids for about 5 minutes.  Then I went and hugged Sarah.  We were all laughing and we had so much fun together.  We a great surprise!

Little Ryker is not so little anymore.  He is huge and is all smiles.  He crawls now and even has taken a couple of steps.  It is so much to see him and to realize he is just one happy baby.  

 Bridger with Grandpa on the mower.
 Whitney getting instructions from Gene.
 Dani's new apron.

 Sheena and Ryker
 Ryker and Grandpa
 Ice fishing at Hyrum reservoir.
 Jordan and Emarie
 I love holding babies.
 My friend Kristyn and her son Collin.
 Whitney and a couple of team mates.
 Gene, Jordan, and Emarie
 Kenna and Bridger
 Jordan and Emarie
Grandma and Emarie

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A long time coming...

Bridger at the aquarium
Bridger wants to be a crusty old cowboy in the rodeo, so he went riding on Misty, with Whitney's help.
Sheena, Dani, Sarah, Kenna, Jordan

JD and I went to Oregon over spring break, I made him get his haircut after I took the picture below. I think he looks a lot more handsome with short hair.

JD and my Dad, we went to a huge mall and had fun just looking around. My dad is so cute!

Our new house.

Shane, Gene, and Josh in Alaska
Cute little Kenna
Well, a lot has happened in the past year; some things were not particularly great, but we are dealing with it. Recently we moved to Colorado, after 19 years in Utah. Gene lost his job, thanks economy, and after a year, he now works for JBS company. He moved in March and JD and I moved in July. I quit my job, or else I would never see Gene, and I am now working at Loveland High School. I miss my friends and students and more importantly my great neighbors and my beautiful girls. When we moved to Utah all of the girls were with me, now I had to leave them behind with their spouses and kids. This has been extremely difficult for me since I adore all of my girls.

Gene works a lot of hours and so he thought it best to sell the horses even though I put up a fight. Misty was sold this past week and we are trying to sell the other two horses. We had Misty for 18years! I must really love my husband is all I can say.

In July, we celebrated 32 years of marriage. I went to a wedding for my beautiful niece Maura in New Mexico. On August 4, I started my new job. Yuck! I would have still been on vacation, darn it. I don't know why we should be living in Colorado, but I am hoping that I will learn to enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Utah.

I picked Gene up from the airport today. He just returned from fishing in Alaska; the trip had been planned for two years. He went with his brother Shane and with our son-in-law Josh, Sarah's husband. For those of you who don't know, we have two son-in-laws named Josh. Gene brought home lots of fish, salmon and halibut, and we decided to try the halibut today. I don't usually like fish, but I have to admit the halibut isn't too bad.

Whitney and Dani are away at school once again. I know they will continue to do a great job! It is weird not having them with us, but I know they have to grow up. Utah has been the only home they have ever known, but I know they will adapt.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Run Like the Wind

The team with the coaches, one of the coaches gets Dani mixed up with Whitney. He wondered why Dani wasn't in her SUU uniform. She told him she wasn't Whitney.

Whitney is having a great time running for Southern Utah University. She recently ran in the Summit League Championships and the girls team took 1st place. Whitney placed 11th overall and was all conference, and the greatest award, in my opinion, is the new comer of the summit league (it's like rookie of the year). We are so proud of her and not only does she run well, but she is keeping up her grades and doing fabulous. It really helps when your twin is in the same classes that you are taking. Dani is amazing and is Whitney's biggest supporter. Not only does Dani get fabulous grades, but she keeps Whitney up with all of the classes.

Whitney with her three awards, new comer of the year, 11th place, and the top team award.

Receiving the new comer award.

Receiving the 11th place award. Don't you love the porta pottys in the background?

The girls team and the first place trophy.

We always have to laugh, Whitney always has this look on her face, as if she was in lots of pain.

Skylar Riggs, one of the boys who ran with Whitney and Dani in high school is also on the team. Dani is wearing her traditional red and white pants when she is cheering on the team.

Dani, Gene, and Whitney, now if only we could get him to smile.

Dani, Sandy, Whitney, and Danny

The girls team.

This was at another meet in which Sarah, Bridger, and Kenna went with Gene to watch Whitney race. I was home recuperating from having my gall bladder taken out.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A little catch up

Whitney is running for Southern Utah University this year. We are so proud of her and how well she works at becoming a better runner. Both of the girls are at SUU and are taking the same classes at the same exact time. Poor teachers if they have not figured out who is who. Whitney's first race was in Pocatello, Idaho. The course was rough and rocky, so Whitney had to go see Sam the trainer, who trains. There wasn't too much of a problem because the next week she came back strong in Riverside, CA. This week she goes to Notre Dame. Warming up and concentrating before the race. We don't talk to her so she can get her thoughts together.

A few of us who went to watch Whitney's first college race. Sheena, Kenna, Dani, and Sarah. Don't you love the up do? Sheena had bridal pictures the same day. Thanks Sarah for doing such a great job!

Coming down the home stretch. Doesn't she look terrific?

Dani and Whitney, best friends and support systems. Makes me wish I had a twin who is my best friend.Josh, Jordan, and Jordan after arriving to their destination for a 4-wheeler trip. I love the dirty goggle faces!
Kenna needed a bath and since she is so petite, she fit right in the kitchen sink with no problems at all, it was even the smaller side. She loved the bubbles and thought it was great getting a bath. She is such a good baby and almost always has a big smile on her face for everyone around her.

Jordan is now 21 and the smoke alarm didn't even go off.

Gene and Jerry tubing, it was great seeing the look on his face when Gene started pushing his tube. That is OK, we still love you Jer.

Check out the look on Jerry's face.
Marsha and Bridger.

Gene and Jer.

Jordan, Kenna, and Jordan down at the water trying to catch a fish.

Jerry and Maura, what a proud dad.

Sarah and Kenna with her typical grin for everyone. The only time she cries is when she is tired or hungry. Oh, also when you are trying to take wedding pictures.